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Chokeez™ Necklaces


 Introducing Chokeez    

Action Gear For Active Wear    


Chokeez™ are handcrafted nylon necklaces constructed from paracord. They’re fun & safe for any activity. Whether hiking, backpacking, bicycling, swimming, rock climbing or any outdoor activity, Chokeez™ will help show off your personality & style.    

Chokeez™ are constructed in 1 or 2 colors, braided by hand not machine. With over 30 colors to choose from, there’s an almost endless array of color combinations. Pictured above is the USA Chokeez™, available in red/white/blue nylon cord paired with black, navy, royal blue, colonial blue or imperial red. More themed Chokeez™ are available, including the Sports Chokeez™, Neon Chokeez™ & the Survival Chokeez™. More themes are in the works & will be available soon.      

Nylon paracord is weather resistant, so that it’s completely safe to wear in wet & humid weather without being damaged. It can even be thrown in the wash or worn in the shower. The longer a Chokeez™ bracelet or necklace is worn, the softer & more pliable it becomes.      



Chokeez™ Necklace…………………$15 each. Sizes up to 24 inches. 





For more info, send email to pilgrim@crudeanalysiz.com.