Jul 16

Paracord Survival Necklace EDC

Last week I went on a short 3-day backpacking trip with my wife in Mount Everett State Reservation in western MA. When friends asked us where we were going & we said Mount Everett, almost everyone said, “Mount Everest?” After a few times, it wasn’t funny, though each person that asked us thought it was a hoot. Anyway, Mount Everett is nothing quite like the tallest mountain in the world, but we did have fun.

Part of my gear collection featured the items in the pic to the left. This is my multicam paracord survival necklace, from which hangs my EDC (Every Day Carry) for when I’m backpacking.  The items, clockwise from left:  aluminum spy capsule with fire tinder (jute twine & piece of cotton ball), ferro rod from Firesteel.com, magnesium rod also from Firesteel.com, scraper (yep, Firesteel.com) & photon light. This is of course isn’t a comprehensive kit of survival items, just a few necessites:  fire starters, light & cordage.

The necklace holds roughly 9 feet of 550 paracord & is a great way to carry your EDC items when hiking, backpacking or doing bushcraft skills. Many of my friends carry items on a ball chain necklace around their neck when outdoors. The paracord necklace, in addition to being rot-proof, adds a few feet of cordage to your kit. Paracord doesn’t rot or mildew, unlike steel ball chain, which eventually breaks when exposed to rain, water & sweat. You can check out many different colors of the Paracord Survival Necklace on Amazon.com.

~The Pilgrim.

Survival Necklaces Video

Here’s a simple video made up of compiled pics of survival necklaces in various colors. At some point, I hope to have a ‘real’ video up featuring these things, but for now, this will do. Also looking forward to seeing some reviews by people who’ve purchased the Survival Chokeez™ and used them in the field. Enjoy!


~The Pilgrim.

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