Survival Necklaces Video

Here’s a simple video made up of compiled pics of survival necklaces in various colors. At some point, I hope to have a ‘real’ video up featuring these things, but for now, this will do. Also looking forward to seeing some reviews by people who’ve purchased the Survival Chokeez™ and used them in the field. Enjoy!


~The Pilgrim.

Feb 18

Paracord Sports Necklaces

In addition to the Survival Necklaces listed here, we’ve put together some Sports Necklaces for the Chokeez™ line. These are fashioned much the same way as the survival-style necklaces, but designed to showcase the colors of your favorite sports teams. The pics here show paracord necklaces woven in the colors of the four major sports teams in the Boston area:  the Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics & Patriots. Why these teams? Well, I live just outside of Boston, so I’m representin’ the locals. The Chokeez™ Sports Necklaces are not a licensed product of any of these teams; they are merely our own production & rendition of sport necklaces on the market today. 

No doubt you’ve seen the popular Phiten Necklaces. They’re online, in stores and, of course, hanging from the necks of major league baseball players and other athletes. Stars like Josh Beckett & David Ortiz of the Red Sox, among dozens of other players, have helped make these famous. Many people refer to them as baseball necklaces, but their popularity has spread to pro golfers, football & basketball players, & even women softball players such as Jennie Finch. Whether or not the “enhancing” abilities of the Phiten line of necklaces is actually true or not, as there is no way to prove or disprove these claims, they do look cool!

The Sports Chokeez™ Necklaces definitely do not possess healing or enhancing powers of any kind, & they will not give you inner peace or superhuman strength. But they do look cool, whether as sporting apparel or just kicking around in the woods. As cool as Phiten stuff? Maybe, maybe not, you choose. Either way, they cost less, are available in scores of color combinations and, perhaps the best part, are made here in the USA!  Support your local economy.

Please let me know what you think about these sports necklaces, either through email or with a comment below. For more info on the Sports Chokeez™ Necklaces, please check out the product page. Thanks for reading!

~The Pilgrim.

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