Aug 12

Review Of Mini Wallet Survival Kit

When I see things like this for sale online, it’s hard for me not to buy smile_regular. It looks like a cool little piece of ‘gear’ to have on hand, small enough to fit inside of a wallet. And when the price is under $10, with free shipping, it’s almost a given that I’ll grab one. My wife also said that it was cute.

The concept is a good one:  a ferrocerium rod with tinder & small scalpel blade, all which together fits into a wallet very easily. In today’s survival mentality, and with all gear typically, is to see how small & compact something can be, in order to make it more portable. The contents of this mini kit definitely do not take up much room, & the weight is negligible. Still, I wondered if it would be practical.

I took some pics of the kit before opening it, in order to show what was in it, as well as the condition of each piece. The kit contains a 1/8 inch diameter by two inch long ferro rod, a fish hook with some line, a small portion of jute twine for tinder, a scalpel & another length of some nyon cord. My first thought on seeing the small diameter of the ferro rod was that it would most likely break. But I thought it would break from the pressure exerted upon it when trying to produce sparks. As I sliced open the tape around the rod, what was revealed was that the rod was already broken in two places, converting an already small ferro rod into three tiny, & possibly useless, rods.

However, I did manage to scrape some sparks from the rod, though I needed to hold the rod with the pliers on my multi tool. It was difficult to hold the rod with my fingers. If I was in a real survival situation & needed to start a fire with a broken ferrocerium rod, there is no way I’d be able to hold the rod & produce sparks with it.

The seller of the kit was contacted about the rod breakage, & hopefully, will replace the broken piece. My thought is that if the rod was broken in the mail, then it would surely break in a wallet, especially if the wallet was in a back pocket. Sitting down on the wallet containing the mini survival kit would probably not be a good idea. As I stated earlier, I think the concept is a good one, though would be better with a change. If the rod was replaced with a slightly larger diameter piece, I believe the possibility of breakage would be greatly diminished. Of course, this is just my opinion.


 Another couple items I received recently was a small ferro rod encased in a piece of hollow paracord. A ceramic razor blade & some jute twine came with the rod. These three items are safely stashed in a spy capsule, which are hanging on my EDC wire keyring. A small blank ferro rod carried in this fashion would definitely prevent it from breaking, & is just as easy to carry. I don’t always carry my wallet, but will have a carabiner on my keyring attached to a beltloop. If you have any opinions or ideas on this, tell me what you think.


~The Pilgrim.

Jul 19

Paracord Survival Necklace With Firesteel Toggle

Desert Camo Paracord Survival Necklace With Firesteel


Many people who are constructing the survival bracelets seen all over the place, are now making them with toggles made from firesteel, otherwise known as a ferrocerium rod. This adds another survival item to the bracelet, in addition to the cordage itself. A brilliant idea!

Based off of this idea, I decided to construct a separate model of the Paracord Survival Necklaces with a firesteel toggle.  The toggle is one inch long & 5/16 in diameter. The firesteel toggle is fixed to the necklace, meaning that the paracord has been threaded through two holes drilled into the firesteel. This means that there is no need to remove the firesteel in order to use it, simply unclasp it from around your neck.


Desert Camo Paracord Survival Necklace With Firesteel


Many of the firesteels available today are packaged with a cheap steel striker. A knife with a sharp 90 degree angle on its spine will produce a better result of sparks. In fact, you don’t even need a knife, but any object which has a 90 degree angle. This includes items that can be found in nature, including a sharp stone or rock, a junk piece of steel, even a shard of glass. If you’re venturing out into the wilderness, there’s a good chance you’re already carrying a knife with you. A knife is arguably the single most important tool to have on your person when in the outdoors. In fact, if you’re carrying a firesteel, you’d better be carrying a knife also! A knife is essential in helping prepare tinder & kindling. A featherstick can be helpful in getting your fire going, especially if your tinder is damp. You need a knife to make a featherstick. In his teaching, Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School, LLC emphasizes the importance of the 5 C’s:  a cutting tool, cover, combustion, a container & cordage. With the Paracord Survival Necklace With Firesteel, you have two of those items checked off.

~The Pilgrim.

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